Welcoming the New Year!

The turning into a new year is always a time for reflection. Looking back on the year that has passed and gazing forward to what may come. While in yoga, meditation and life it is important to remain in the moment, the new year is a good time to set goals and review what you could improve from the year before.


I had a really great 2014! My partner and I have been living together for over 3 years, our cats are healthy and we are happy! I found out my passions in life, yoga and living holistically and took the steps to make these passions my careers! I began this blog, applied (and got accepted) to a 200hr yoga teacher training program, made new friends, achieved huge yoga goals I never thought were possible and became happier and happier with each passing day!


If you have never set new year’s goals, this just may be the year to start! Goals are not necessarily the same as resolutions, you aren’t aiming to change anything about yourself, rather you are pushing yourself to achieve something new! I think one thing that is very important while setting goals is to pay attention to what is achievable and what is not, you do not want to disappoint yourself or get down on yourself if you cannot accomplish something that is too “lofty”. You can also break down goals into smaller mini-goals. There is no elevator to the top, only stairs!


If you do choose to make resolutions, don’t worry about making them life-changing, work towards making them life-improving. For 2014, my resolutions was to wear sunscreen every day! This year’s resolution is to meditate for 5 minutes every day. Eventually, I’d like to be able to meditate for 20 minutes, but this is a good example of breaking down goals into mini-goals.

Remember that resolutions, goals and reflection don’t just have to happen once a year. You can make positive changes whenever you see that they are necessary!

With that being said, some great things that you can do to improve your 2015 are to drink warm lemon water every morning, write down in a journal a few things every day that you are grateful for (try to think of things big and small, find the beauty in the day to day), try and practice yoga every morning for at least 10 mins, practice mindfulness and make healthy food choices (always leave a little room for a splurge… see my belated birthday dinner below).


I will be bringing you posts all about healthy goals and improvements for the new year in January and have many posts ready for the new year! However, I’d like to know what you would like to see on this blog. Do you have any suggestions? Any idea for posts? How was your 2014? Are you looking forward to 2015? Or have any goals/resolutions? I cannot wait to hear from you and hope that your 2015 will be spectacular!



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