Yoga@Home: Lesley Fightmaster Yoga

If you are familiar with my Yoga@Home series or are a regular practicing yogi, then you know sometimes you cannot make it to your studio. Maybe you are having a very busy day, other times you may want to have more control over your practice (What will your peak pose be? How much time do you have to practice?) than you would taking a class in studio. YouTube channels lead by regular yoga teachers are a great way of trying new things and learning more about your practice. You’ll have time to press pause and try poses over and over, and if you fall out of a pose, no sweat! Get back up and try again! Today with Yoga@Home, I’m sharing with you Lesley Fightmaster.

Lesley Fightmaster - Screengrabbed from: Yoga with Contentment (Santosha) Day 73 Yoga Fix 90 with Lesley Fightmaster (

Lesley Fightmaster – Screengrabbed from: Yoga with Contentment (Santosha) Day 73 Yoga Fix 90 with Lesley Fightmaster (

Lesley Fightmaster’s YouTube channel is incredible, she has numerous different videos broken into well organized playlists so you can find anything you could possibly want! The playlists range from beginner to intermediate with more advanced flows under a full playlist for inversions! So fun! Many YouTube yogis shy away from including headstands, handstands and forearm stands from their practice, but with Lesley Fightmaster’s smart cues and encouragement to begin by a wall, you’ll find yourself upside down in no time!

Lesley Fightmaster is a committed yogi, she is currently finishing up a program called Yoga Fix 90 where she has released a video a day of different yoga routines. There are power yoga routines, fun play-time classes and yin yoga for relaxing! With 90 videos in just one playlist you know that you will not run out of different asanas and flows to practice!

One of my absolute favourite things about Lesley Fightmaster’s videos are her complete post-practice savasana. While other YouTubers guide you into savasana then end their video, Lesley Fightmaster includes a full savasana at the end of each class! These savasanas are accompanied by a quote that pertain to the just finished practice and help you finish feeling refreshed, calm and accomplished! This small detail may be something you didn’t realize you needed, but make what is an online class feel so much more personal!

I encourage you to try Lesley Fightmaster’s online yoga practices at your earliest chance. Try those advanced poses! You may find out that an asana you thought was out of reach is right there. Remember, you can always press pause and play as much as you want!

Do you enjoy practicing yoga on YouTube when you cannot make it to the studio? Which videos do you love?



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