Yoga@Home: Yoga & Life with Becca

Next in my Yoga@Home series is fellow Canadian, Yoga & Life with Becca!

Yoga & Life with Becca - Screengrabbed from 25min Happy Hips Vinyasa Yoga Flow (

Yoga & Life with Becca – Screengrabbed from 25min Happy Hips Vinyasa Yoga Flow (

Though Becca isn’t as consistent at uploading as some other Yoga YouTubers, her flows are designed in a way that are completely unique and incomparable to other instructors. Becca designs interesting flows where she combined asanas in a way I could never imagine, which makes practicing with her constantly refreshing and fun!

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have pre-designed playlists so you have to sift through her many videos to find what you would like to do, however each video is titled with the length of the video and the type of practice it will be. Becca not only posts short 10min flows (like 10min Flow for Butt & Legs) but also films her full length in-studio classes, so you can get an in-studio type of practice from your own home! Not only that but she breaks down difficult poses into isolation and teaches them thoroughly so you can safely practice them at home (for example, headstand). Finally, she often leads retreats and will film flows from the gorgeous and exotic locations, making you feel like you’re on a retreat with her.

Another reason I love Becca is that she is constantly uploading inspirational videos that help with staying positive and true to yourself.

I urge you to check out her YouTube channel and play around with some fun and creative flows with Becca!



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